Does Social Media Affect SEO Ranking? Part 3

This is Part 3 of a four-part series on social media’s effect on SEO Ranking. Does pushing content through Social Media effect SEO Ranking is a question that every business owner should ask themselves. You can read Part 1 or Part 2.

Does Social Media Affect SEO Ranking? – Part 3


Let’s look back and recap Part 1 and Part 2 of “Does Social Media Affect SEO Ranking!

  1. Google sees Facebook and Twitter posts like any other web page for that is available for search.
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  2. As crazy as it sounds, Google is limited in how much of the social web it can crawl.
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  3. Google does NOT currently use Facebook or Twitter content or followers as a signal for search engine ranking.
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  4. Google is querying an imperfect internet, and they worry a lot about identity, especially when identity is already hard.
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Let’s continue to look at how SEO and Social Media help with search engine results . . . or do they?!


5. Social signal correlations with a higher rank don’t equate to a source for those rankings.

Google does not equate a social media author as a person with social media authorityBack in 2013, several sites, such as SearchMetrics, and Moz, published association studies that showed social signals such as Facebook Likes and Google +1 had some of the highest correlating factors for sites that rank highly in Google search. Many jumped to the conclusion that these social signals were a cause of the higher rankings.

Cooler heads (such as Moz’s own Cyrus Shepard) tried to explain that a correlating factor doesn’t have to be a causal factor. The more likely explanation is that sites that tend to get high social engagement also tend to be sites that are so good that they attract many other signals (like links) that help contribute to search ranking power.

It’s also important to note that increased social media exposure increases the opportunities that sites will link to your content.


6. Companies have to realize that social media should be used more for brand awareness and to drive qualified traffic than search engine ranking.

Social media helps with brand awareness more than lending help to search engine results unless you are pushing content back to your websiteThere are very valid reasons for being active on all forms of social media even if social media, for now, doesn’t have much or any effect on search rankings.

An active social presence combined with good network building can be a major contributor to growing your brand, building better customer service, and developing trust and authority, as well as driving traffic to your sites via the links you post. Those considerations should all be part of any businesses arsenal.


We will finish this four-part series on “Does Social Media Affect SEO” in the upcoming final post! 



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