Does Social Media Effect SEO Ranking? Part 4

(This is Part 4 of a two-part series on social media’s effect on SEO Ranking.Does pushing content through Social Media effect SEO Ranking is a question that every business owner should ask themselves.)


Does Social Media effect SEO Ranking?

This is a question that every business owner should ask themselves.

This blog will address that, but we would also like to say that if you do not generate, share, or offer new content through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat or LinkedIn, you are already behind on the game.

Let’s look at how social media affects SEO ranking!


7. Business must understand that their brand identity and social media connections used for ranking purposes is a long term project.

using social media for branding and lead generation is a long term goal imagespeak seoIt used to be that one of the hottest topics in the SEO world was “author rank.” This idea is the concept that Google might use (or already using) an author’s the sole authority on a given topic as a search ranking factor.

Utilizing the power of individuals as a ranking signal is a goal for Google, it remains a long-term goal. As mentioned above, establishing and verifying the identity of individuals on the web is hard.

When you add the reasons given in previous parts of “Does Social Media Affect SEO Ranking” for the difficulty of assessing social signals you can understand why this is not something Google can just turn on like a switch.

Again, Google is super careful with their what shows as search results. There’s no incentive for them to push an incomplete and unreliable signal into their ranking factors and plenty of disincentives.

When complex signlas are accurately measured and evaluated the authority an individual or organization has on social media, especially regarding specific topics may prove correct . . . hopefully!

Even for Google, this is complicated and made all the more difficult when major areas like social signals exist.

Social signals explained by ImageSpeak SEOThat doesn’t mean that Google does not value these signals because every indication from Google is that these authorities remain areas of intense interest for Google and their engineers.

Google reiterates that that social signals should not use for “short term” benefits (i.e., as a direct ranking signal) but rather as a “long term” play. Google has already started watching to see who consistently gets good consistent social signals as an indication of who should be trusted.

Google will not use social media as a ranking factor before it has thoroughly looked at its validity and implication in user experience. Period!

Social signals are important, and active use of social media for marketing is essential. Business has to see that it is an investment for a long term and knowing that when you build REAL VALUE, customers will see value, then it will become valuable to Google as well. When Google sees the value then your potential ranking will skyrocket!




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