Documenting: Effective Marketing for Non-Profits

Documenting is the most effective form of marketing for Non-Profits! But, why?!

This is Part 1 of a 3 part series on how documenting has replaced the traditional marketing method of content creation online.


PART 1: Stream it, Show it, Know it!

youtube live stream for non profitsToday, most people want to see the “proof in the pudding” and see the legitimacy of a non-profit. The best way to portray that is through documenting and sharing what that non-profit is doing. Give people a reason to have a vested interest in your non-profit through live event streaming through social video! Vested also leads to “invested” partnerships!


Face(book) it . . . Live Streaming is where it’s at!

If I told you that you could provide a live broadcast from your phone to potentially thousands all over the world, would you believe me? Well, of course, because you probably have watched one yourself! It’s super easy and is the best marketing budget line item you could have because it’s no cost . . . except for sweat equity! 

facebook live stream for non-profitsWhen you have a live event or speaking engagement: stream it live, but don’t forget to push the announcement well in advance and even look at a $15 Facebook campaign to push it to a specific target audience!

Determine who will be filming, make sure they are “presentable” and know how to engage the viewers as well as anyone they may want to “live interview”! Ask the viewers for questions to ask, or if they have any questions about the event. Always offer an opportunity to participate and how they can help! 

Lastly, be sure to ask people to share the live stream, give thumbs up if they like it! Encourage them to share the live stream as it will be on your group/company page to view again!

You(tube) can do it!

use youtube for live streamingThis method of the live stream is great when used in conjunction with Facebook Livestream but takes coordinating with another person to shoot the video. Youtube truly excels at it’s ability to archive and use specific searchable “tags” to the video once archived. It’s really the premier method of live streaming when doing video blogs, question and answer sessions and when you have a larger event where people could not attend but would like to watch. It’s also worthy to note that when using Youtube live streaming, having some form of camera stand or holder is optimal. Having multiple live streams (including Periscope which is great to broadcast through Twitter!) is always the best option! Be sure to get a clear view using multiple smart devices!

It’s a Snap(chat) to Insta(gram)ntly Get Followers!

Short, sweet and kinda neat is the go-to phrase for this last form of live streaming! Snapchat offers a 10-second window and Instagram Stories offers shorter live stream options. This is great for quick thoughts you want to share, or in Instagram’s case, quick single question answers.

The great thing about Instagram stories is that you can continue a message throughout but segment them into shorter statements and thoughts. It’s also great for documenting images (but, that’s another post for another time!)

It’s a Wrap!

that's a wrap about live streaming for non-profitsSo, you can see that with any smart device, phone or tablet you can provide a message through documenting live. When people see you are actively doing what your mission states you do, then you gain trust and you gain followers who share! So, get started and feel free to share any tips you may have!





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