Responsive web design is probably the most important factor in having your website rank high in search engines is the requirement of having your site mobile and tablet ready. Your site needs to provide relevant content in a viewable option that includes desktop/laptop screens, smartphones, and tablets. This is what is called a “responsive website”.

The planning of a website takes many factors into consideration when developing a strategy and plan.

  • Site navigation
  • Flow of Content
  • Colors Scheme
  • Typeface (font) choices
  • Call to actions
  • How the site flows
  • Graphics and photos and
  • Page copy

All of these parts are but a part of the larger SEO strategy. The presentation of your website information provides infinite conversion possibilities.

The intention of effective web design is for the elements of a web page to come together in a way that leads visitors toward a site’s ultimate goals: Get new customers and increase sales!

As web architects, ImageSpeak our multi-faceted methodology recognizes the importance of a site’s layout and visual impact in achieving goals. Most obviously, successful web design must embody a design that is user-friendly and creates a good experience for the visitor.

Great web design is responsible for conveying a cohesive look and feel that communicates a brand identity and propel visitors through the intended conversion funnel. ImageSpeak’s objective in website design and plan includes this focus for success.

That is what ImageSpeak does!

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